Surgery Information

Any Surgeries and Dental Cleanings require Anesthesia. All procedure(s) and operation(s) require an appointment. Please call our office to schedule you pets appointment. 

Please note that we will only set up anesthetic procedures for established patients only. If you are looking to have your pet’s surgery or dental cleaning at our office and you have never been here before, we ask that you  walk-in or set up a meet and greet appointment.

At the meet and greet appointment, Dr. Scott will listen to your pet’s heart and lungs and do a thorough physical exam. Depending on your pet’s age or past medical history, she may recommend having a Pre-Anesthetic Blood Panel done before surgery. After Dr. Scott has given her approval, we can schedule the surgery and/ or dental cleaning.

We schedule all of our anesthetic procedures on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Pets should be dropped off between 8:30am and 10:30am on their scheduled surgery date. All animals must come fasted from both food and water. Dr. Scott recommends taking up food and water between 6:00pm and 7:00pm the night before your scheduled appointment. If your animal has not fasted, Dr. Scott will not perform the procedure.

Fasting is important when your pet undergoes an anesthetic procedure. Not fasting your pet can lead to some serious consequences such as vomiting while under the anesthesia. This cam cause your pet to develop a serious illness or cause your pet to aspirate and potentially die. Dr. Scott administers a mild sedative to each animal before we place them under anesthesia that will make them nauseous. If your pet vomits anything other than bile, we will not anesthetize your pet or perform any surgical or dental procedures that day.

If you have lost the post-surgery, post dental, or anesthesia information forms, please click on the titles below.

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Post- Surgery Information / Post-Dental Information / Anesthesia Information

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General Anesthesia Procedure Instructions:

  • Do not allow your pet to eat food, eat treats, or drink water after 7pm the night before your scheduled procedure. If your pet is on medication, please check with the doctor for advice on how to administer it while fasting.
  • On the morning of your pet’s procedure, drop off your pet between 8:30am and 10:30am. Please, allow yourself some time to check in your pet and fill out the required paperwork. We will not start the procedure without all of the paperwork completed.
  • The procedure will be done during our break from 11:30am to 2:00pm unless otherwise stated, Please, call the office after 2:30pm to check on the status of your pet. Your pet may or may not be ready for pick up if you walk in at that time; this is why we recommend calling ahead.
  • You will be handed a post surgery/ post dental instruction sheet at check in to read. A technician will go over this with you when you pick up your pet. As the owner, you are responsible for following all of the instructions listed on the aftercare sheets.