Clinic Information


Whiteway Animal Hospital is a small clinic with an equally small, but loving, staff. This practice was originally owned by Dr. Robert Whiteway and has been passed on to his daughter, Dr. Ruth Scott.

Dr. Scott is the only practicing veterinarian at this office. Her other two legged staff includes one vet technician, and one office-manager.

Please be aware that due to our size we are unable to process pet-insurance claims and we can only provide copies of the notes from the visit that include the pricing for the visit – not itemized statements, as we are not using a computerized system for notes.



Whiteway Animal Hospital

3342 North Druid Hills Road

Decatur, GA 30033

Phone: (404) 636 – 6604

Fax: (404) 633 – 6063


Office hours are listed on the home page. Please, be aware that any e-mail or phone call received when our office is closed will not be returned until the following business day.